A SONITROL franchisee in Evansville, Ind. was instrumental in securing the apprehension of six crime ring members known to be in the business of stealing motorcycles.

Over a holiday weekend last year, a SONITROL of Evansville central station operator received an audible alarm from a local Harley-Davidson store; the operator quickly confirmed there were intruders on site. After dispatching law enforcement, six people were apprehended, who had unlawfully entered the building with the intention to steal valuable motorcycles. After the suspects fled the scene attempting to evade the police, a K-9 officer located the suspects in a nearby vehicle. The police were able to recover all the merchandise.

A local Fox 2 News report uncovered that the U.S. Secret Service found the perpetrators were part of a St. Louis crime ring responsible for more than $1 million in stolen motorcycles and other property dating back to 2019. It was further reported that just three days prior to the Evansville break-in and arrests, the same crime ring had successfully stolen bikes at a Harley-Davidson in Clarksville, Tenn.

SONITROL’s verified audio intrusion detection led to a quick response from the SONITROL operator, who was able to tell law enforcement dispatch that there were intruders on site and to immediately respond.

“Our central station operators are trained to verify an intrusion and dispatch law enforcement at once,” said Sam Standring, president of Sonitrol of Evansville. “While the perpetrators were able to rob the Clarksville Harley-Davidson, they weren’t a match for the Evansville store that was armed with SONITROL. Because of our team’s immediate response, local police apprehended the criminals, and tens of thousands of dollars in assets was protected. I am proud of my team and of SONITROL’s unrivaled superiority in the commercial alarm market. We hope other businesses will choose SONITROL, as well.”

SONITROL offers verified security solutions, including verified audio and video intrusion, access control, video surveillance, and fire detection. SONITROL’s verified solutions have helped apprehend over 182,000 criminals in North America to date.