The Security Executive Council (SEC) has launched a redesigned website, making it easier for security leaders to connect with its vast library of research, resources and tools. 

As the only research and advisory firm dedicated to corporate security and staffed by former corporate security executives, the SEC has always shared its research and insights freely in order to advance excellence in the entire security leadership community. The SEC’s improved online hub is intended to facilitate even better access, with streamlined navigation, a more effective and responsive search feature, and an intuitive structure that is said to be easier to use on any type of device. 

The website’s actionable content for security leaders is organized for simpler discovery: 

Research — Open benchmarks from the Security Leadership Research Institute, the SEC’s research arm, as well as previous reports and projects. 

Knowledge sharing — Details on participating in peer and faculty groups that share expertise and lessons learned in business leadership, developing and maintaining security operations centers (SOCs), and emerging issues. 

Solutions — SEC-developed offerings including Contract Security Officer Program Optimization, Executive Communication, Program Review, Concept of Operations, Business/Security Risk Alignment, and the Security Success Universe Assessment, a detailed and free of charge gap analysis built from nearly 20 years of SEC research. 

Vendor innovations — The bottom line on vendors who have agreed to be evaluated for their innovation in the market, their risk mitigation and return on investment capabilities, and their trustworthiness, allowing security practitioners to more easily identify strong solutions for their environment. 

Insight — A searchable, curated library of original SEC reports, articles, research results, infographics, tools and templates to help propel security leaders to success. 

SEC is a research and advisory firm focused on corporate security risk mitigation strategies and plans. The organization works with security leaders to transform security programs into more capable and valued centers of excellence. 

“This is the fourth iteration of the SEC website; we strive to make our online hub current and relevant,” said Kathleen Kotwica, SEC’s executive vice president and chief knowledge strategist. “This one took a little longer to execute, but it was well worth it. We hope our security community finds it even more useful.”