The Electronic Security Association (ESA) installed Jamie Vos, president of Security Solutions Northwest, and Steve Firestone, CEO Firestone Strategies Group, on its new Board of Directors.  

The purpose of a director on the ESA Board is to work collectively as a team to provide good governance of ESA affairs and to set the direction to optimize the growth and performance of the organization. Each Board Member has a responsibility for ensuring strategies and policies are developed, discussed and implemented that will enable the organization to achieve its mission and vision.   

Vos previously served as ESA’s Chairman of the Board of Directors for the past two years. Understanding the value of togetherness is what led him to become involved in ESA some 16 years ago.

When asked about his hopes of impacting the association through his new role as its Immediate Past Chairman, Vos says, “I’m delighted to continue to serve the industry in the capacity I’m called to. As a board member I take pride in being a strategic voice as to where we as an association can be the most valuable to our members and the industry at large. As a committee member, I will fight for the best resources to accomplish the tasks which we are directed to- to the very fullest of my ability.”   

Firestone, awarded the 2022 Morris F. Weinstock Person of the Year, began his tenure in the mid-1980s after leaving years-long positions in banking and then as a partner at an ad agency. He has been involved with ESA for nearly a decade, serving now as a board member and executive committee member. During his tenure, he helped create the strategic planning and organizational alignment methodology format for ESA, the reorganization and launch of the Executive Management Professionals Group (EMP), and the work that has been done in making ESX the premier source of education and training at a trade show available in the industry.   

When asked about why he’s so passionate about ESA and the industry, Steve says “The obvious answer is that the security industry and our industry's association is one that protects lives, properties, and businesses. And we can put our heads on our pillows every night knowing that what we do every day has a significant impact on each of these. But beyond that, the more that an ESA member gets involved in the association, the more they will get back from learning from others who are faced with the same challenges and opportunities that they are.”