Telaeris Inc., a hand-held solution provider for physical access control systems (PACS), announced its  XPressEntry software is now available on IDEMIA’s ID Screen biometric tablets to offer gateless access control, entry / exit tracking, emergency evacuation mustering, and events and training attendance tracking for both commercial and government markets worldwide.

IDEMIA fingerprint identification is used to add two-factor biometric identification to door access readers for secure government and commercial properties worldwide. Adding XPressEntry capabilities to the IDEMIA ID Screen provides the ability to identify people with a wide variety of fingerprint authentication algorithms, including ISO 19794-2, ANSI/INCITS 378, and the native IDEMIA matcher.

XPressEntry software embedded in ID Screen biometric tablets can verify identity and permissions with badges or biometrics, recording entries / exits where door readers are not practical, muster employees during an emergency evacuation streamlining OSHA / regulatory evacuation guidelines, and more. XPressEntry provides valuable information stored in the access control system onto ID Screen tablets to be utilized anywhere by security and safety professionals.

“I am very pleased to have XPressEntry software add value to IDEMIA biometric tablets,” said Dr. David Carta, Telaeris CEO. “IDEMIA is a leader in biometric validation and by integrating with the ID Screen and IDEMIA’s advanced fingerprint technology, we are able to provide customers with a fantastic mobile method to quickly authenticate employees. With the volume of employees, contractors and visitors going in-and-out of workplaces every day, XPressEntry and ID Screen tablets together offer a mobile, modern, and easy to implement solution that security and safety professionals need to help them keep any workplace safe and secure.”

XPressEntry’s access control integrations include AMAG, Apollo, Avigilon, Bosch, Brivo, Dormakaba, DSX, Galaxy, Gallagher, Genetec, Honeywell (WIN-PAK, Pro-Watch, and EBI), ICT, IDenticard, IDentiv, LenelS2 (NetBox and OnGuard), Matrix, MAXXESS, Nedap, Open Options, PACOM, Paxton, RS2, Siemens, Spica, Suprema, TKH Security, Tyco (Kantech and Software House), and Vanderbilt (ACTpro and SMS). Other XPressEntry supported use cases include time and attendance, managing confined spaces, workplace health screening, bus entry validation, guest / visitor tracking, remote parking, mobile enrollment, and more.

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