2N, global provider of internet-enabled intercoms and access control systems, has added new functionality to its devices by upgrading its OS. Improvements will support flexible working and ensure that 2N’s devices can be used by the hard of hearing.

CBRE’s EMEA Occupier Survey 2022, published in May, concluded that only 6 percent of companies are currently requiring employees to return to the office on a full-time basis, with 72 percent moving toward a “hybrid workplace” model. Over 60 percent of companies are looking to increase the provision of mixed, shared or mobile work settings, with nearly 80 percent planning to downscale dedicated assigned seating.

This change has led more companies to reconsider the viability of a “traditional” receptionist, a person sitting on the front desk for the full working day to oversee access into the building. 

In response, the new 2N OS enables bidirectional video through the 2N IP Style, the company’s flagship intercom. This allows visitors to see the person they are talking to as well as vice versa, which is of particular value for buildings which decide to go without a dedicated reception. 

Bidirectional video is also a response to the growing demand for inclusivity in device functionality, as it allows the hard of hearing to communicate using sign language.  

2N intercoms now support T as well as S profiles. The S profile already supported basic video streaming; the T profile enables advanced video streaming. This opens up a range of new possibilities, including motion detection and tamper alarms, as well as the support of bi-directional audio. The new 2N OS thus broadens the integration options with third party security devices, allowing customers to connect 2N’s devices into fully comprehensive security solutions.

The upgrade also improves the quality of images sent to the 2N Indoor View answering unit, a 7″ touchscreen designed for luxury residential projects. The upgrade also allows users to zoom in on the answering unit so that they can see the caller's face, name tag or ID more clearly by pinching two fingers, just like they would on their phone. Furthermore, for the first time, the upgrade allows visitors to leave a videomail on the 2N® Indoor View when the resident is not at home.

“We are continually looking at ways to respond to our customers’ feedback by making our devices even more secure and convenient,” said Michael Nicholson, business development manager for the UK and Ireland at 2N. “Products like the 2N IP Style and 2N Indoor View were already industry leaders. By constantly improving the functionality, as we have through this OS upgrade, we will ensure that they stay that way.”

For more information, visit 2n.com/en_US/.