Mission 500, a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to serving children and communities in need across the United States, partnered with Bates Security to acquire and ship more than $200,000 worth of vital supplies in support of families impacted and recovering from severe flooding in Eastern Kentucky. 

Large swaths of Kentucky were almost flattened in late July when historic flooding swept away homes, submerged vehicles in deep floodwaters and destroyed many businesses and critical infrastructure for water and electricity. Thousands of residents were displaced in the aftermath, and efforts to receive aid from the federal government remain underway. 

The efforts by Mission 500 and others saw to it that basic items such as water, food, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, socks and more were transported by truck to devastated areas. 

Mission 500 worked with local relief organizations, including the Christian Appalachian Project, to ensure proper distribution of the supplies. Employees from Bates Security mobilized to assist and were instrumental in coordinating the efforts locally. In an announcement, Mission 500 noted special thanks to Chris Isaac, Jessica Sutton and Jeremy Bates of Bates Security for their dedication and hard work. 

“Mission 500 stepped up and answered our call to help the victims of Eastern, Kentucky,” said Bates, who is president of the Lexington, Ky.-based security company. “We are happy to be connected to such a caring and impactful charity as Mission 500.” 

In total, more than 52 pallets of supplies were shipped to help victims of the flooding. 

"We are so grateful to the security industry for their support during these difficult times," said Tracy Larson, co-chair of the Mission 500 board of directors. "On behalf of the entire Mission 500 organization, we thank everyone who offered their time and resources to help the families impacted by this natural disaster. Your support allows us to continue this critical work." 

For more information on how your organization can assist in the recovery efforts, contact Marivel Vervoordt at marivel@mission500.org.