Integrators can now configure ProdataKey (PDK)’s access control systems to accept cards featuring any format, bit rate and facility code. Using the interface, users with integrator-level permissions can configure system settings to work with cards from any manufacturer or define their own custom credential formats. They may also assign facility codes to individual users. 

This feature allows security system administrators to accommodate multiple card formats throughout their organization simultaneously. Employees can continue using their legacy cards, while management can assign new cards from any manufacturer. 

 Flexible formatting is limited by the types of readers in place. For example, low-frequency Weigand readers will not be able to accommodate 13.56MHz high-security credentials. However, format customization is possible with either type of credential.

 "When customers switch to a PDK solution, there’s no need to replace every card throughout their organization,” said Brach Bengtzen, PDK director of marketing. “We've eliminated a logistical hurdle, an unnecessary expense, and a lot of plastic in landfills. Flexible formatting is another value-add that dealers can promote when quoting PDK systems," 

Flexible card formatting has been released and added to PDK’s cloud-based platform, making it available for immediate use. 

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