Lumeo, designer of computer vision solutions, has launched its free self-serve environment. Users can sign up for a free Lumeo Starter account and start building vision AI solutions without permission, and without significant time, cost or hardware investments. 

Lumeo looks to accelerate AI analytic deployment by offering developers, solutions engineers and technical security teams a “no-code”/“low-code” vision AI and video analytics platform that helps transform, analyze and act on video data. The free self-serve environment unlocks permission-less innovation for teams building and delivering video and vision AI solutions.

Lumeo makes it easy for development teams to embed computer vision or video analytics into their products with a video analytics builder that provides web-based drag-and-drop tools, pre-made and custom vision AI models and third-party integrations to create custom vision AI solutions for various use cases without requiring any code. Lumeo also supports APIs, custom code and OpenCV to meet unique needs. These solutions can process video in real-time from any camera or stream, and run on-prem, on the edge or in the cloud.

Every new Lumeo account comes with a cloud GPU trial to enable solution builders to get started building in the cloud, and then continue running analytics in the cloud or deploy on-site.

The free Starter plan allows you to develop, tinker and experiment with vision AI, while the pay-as-you-go Business plan adds a set of capabilities for commercial deployments without long-term commitments. For Enterprises and as volume scales, businesses can upgrade to annual, committed-pricing plans and unlock Enterprise-grade capabilities.

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