Johnson Controls is collaborating with Soter Technologies, a growing health-safety technology company, to offer technology to school administrators to combat the student vaping epidemic.

The companies announced that Johnson Controls will integrate Soter’s advanced school vape detection and alert technology into its offerings for current and new clients as an expanded offering to its security and building technology solutions. The C∙CURE IQ vaping detection alert device and platform is based on Soter’s patented technology, software and air quality sensors.

“Soter Technologies has developed best-in-class technology and devices which will benefit our clients in the security market,” said Jason M. Ouellette, head of technology and business innovation for Johnson Controls Security Products. “This technology provides a needed solution and tools to address the growing vaping epidemic. Soter has proven this technology in the education vertical and created an awareness and education program that reduces vaping in places where cameras cannot be used.”

“As a growing company and solutions creator, our collaboration with Johnson Controls will bring our technologies and innovation to a larger audience and new markets across the United States and around the globe,” said Derek Peterson, CEO of Soter Technologies. “Youth vaping is a world-wide problem and together Johnson Controls and Soter are leveraging proven technology to make a difference in the lives of young people and support school administrators as they battle vaping on campuses.”

The soon-to-be-introduced C∙CURE IQ FlySense integration is a cloud-based platform that connects multiple IoT devices containing environmental sensors. Sensors monitor the air for the presence of vape chemicals, and when detected, send an immediate notification or alert to security and/or administrators’ computers and mobile devices allowing them to respond quickly. Through the integration with C∙CURE IQ, autonomous security responses to these events can be achieved.

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