Lumeo’s suite of advanced analytics is designed to help warehouses, distribution centers, logistics operations and retailers comply with OSHA standards and regulations. Lumeo’s building-block approach allows for quick development and deployment of advanced AI solutions at the edge or on the cloud that help to prevent accidents. With Lumeo, any company can create custom analytic solutions using the platform’s innovative drag-and-drop tools, with no programming experience required, to build a custom solution that fits any need. In addition, the Lumeo Marketplace offers hundreds of ready-to-use cutting edge AI models. Lumeo’s OSHA analytics suite offers building blocks to comply with OSHA regulations, starting with monitoring for blocked doors, forklift speed and proximity to other employees, hard hat detection, stacking over the required height, fire extinguisher placement and open bay doors. Using Lumeo analytics, a warehouse or distribution center can quickly remediate a situation before an injury occurs. In addition, video showing a violation can be used to educate and train employees so the situation is avoided altogether.

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