SolidEDGE is a serverless camera system with onboard solid state drive (SSD) storage and an embedded WAVE VMS server. The camera is available in two models, the PNV-A6081R-E1T (1TB onboard storage capacity) and PNV-A6081R-E2T (2TB), both delivering high-quality, reliable video surveillance without a complicated setup. Further setting the system apart is its customizable and flexible system structure, enabling easy remote access and management of on-premise security systems. Each SolidEDGE camera can connect and record up to five additional cameras, bringing the total number of cameras in a system to six, including the original camera’s video stream. Users can also merge up to 30 SolidEDGE systems through WAVE Sync. The WAVE Sync feature also keeps systems up to date with regular software and security updates. Additional features of the SolidEDGE serverless security solution include: SSD status management, enhanced cybersecurity, reinforced durability — a metal-shielded RJ-45 terminal and enhanced grounding frame structures protect the camera from transient voltage (lighting, static electricity), and improved weather resistance.

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