Knightscope Inc., a developer of autonomous security robots and blue light emergency communication systems, announced that it has fulfilled a $1.2 million contract for its K1 Call Boxes following a unanimous 12 to 0 vote by the LA Metro Board. The Call Boxes will expand the Kenneth Hahn Call Box System by 210 units.

A report issued by Los Angeles County Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies (LA SAFE) stated that the Call Boxes are a complimentary service to motorists in Los Angeles County available 24/7/365. Approximately 5,500 calls are generated annually from call boxes within Los Angeles County. Of this total, about 4,000 calls result in some action or aid being rendered to users including, but not limited to, Metro Freeway Service Patrol, Auto Club, California Highway Patrol (CHP) rotation tow, CHP dispatch, etc.

Janice Hahn, Los Angeles Daily News, LA Metro board member and Los Angeles County Fourth District Supervisor, stated, “I think it is absolutely worth it. One of our responsibilities is to make sure our freeways are safe for people. This way, the motorists have a lifeline.” Hahn’s father, Kenneth Hahn, served on the board of supervisors from 1952-1992 and started the program that bears his name after witnessing a stranded mother and her children on the 110 Freeway.

The Call Boxes immediately connect users to the CHP and provide the exact location of the device being used so that services may be quickly dispatched. By contrast, law enforcement professionals are unable to pinpoint people using their personal cellular devices to contact 911 because GPS data is not transmitted through the system.

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