ZeroEyes launched a pioneering research center dedicated to the analysis and understanding of gun-related violence across various commercial and infrastructure sectors. The center will collect and analyze data about the characteristics of public shooting incidents, enabling ZeroEyes to better prevent and mitigate gun-related violence. It will be led by the newly appointed director of industry research and content, David Riedman.

As the founder of the K-12 School Shooting Database, Riedman has studied thousands of school shootings dating back to 1966 and will use a similar data collection and analysis methodology to drive the ZeroEyes research center. He will continue to analyze data from school-related shootings while expanding his focus to encompass gun-related violence across public spaces, businesses, industry and infrastructure, gaining a broader insight into the problem. This research will enable decision makers such as superintendents, corporate CEOs and government officials to make informed safety decisions supported by reliable data.

“After the Parkland shooting, I noticed the lack of comprehensive data on gun-related violence in schools, which led me to create the database and study these incidents with the hope of finding a way to prevent them,” said Riedman. “The U.S. has experienced a significant escalation from 15 shootings at school in 2010 to over 300 in 2022 and is on course to reach 400 this year. Mass shootings are becoming more deadly, and that demands immediate attention. ZeroEyes’ technology has demonstrated its ability to prevent and mitigate gun-related violence, and I am thrilled to work alongside them.

The research center will look beyond mass fatality attacks to study the patterns and trends of when, where and why public shootings have occurred. This information, sourced from public records such as newspaper articles, court records, interviews and police reports, will be a novel quantitative dataset that enables comprehensive analysis. Through the center, ZeroEyes will publish real-time, empirical research that provides unique insights to prevent and mitigate the impacts of shootings in public places.

“By improving our knowledge of all aspects of gun-related violence, we will be able to provide new and innovative ways of using our AI gun detection software solution to protect and save lives,” said Mike Lahiff, CEO and co-founder of ZeroEyes. “The addition of the research center under the leadership of David Riedman is a benefit not only to ZeroEyes, but to our country.”


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