Latch Inc., soon to be rebranded to, announced it is moving its headquarters from New York City to St. Louis. Located at 1220 N. Price Road in the Olivette community, the leased facility features both warehouse and office space, bringing all inventory and select core business functions together under one roof. The company believes this streamlining of activities in St. Louis will enable better support to its customers and will continue to drive more operational discipline and efficiency. With 16 new team members already based in St. Louis, Latch plans to bring more than 30 total jobs to the city to support future growth and strengthen its team in the area.

“The new headquarters will allow us to bring key teams together, such as sales and finance, centralize inventory, process returns and perform testing in-house to create a strong foundation for building the business long term and handling potential future accelerated growth,” said Jamie Siminoff, chief Doorman. “St. Louis is an ideal location as it is centrally located, offers an affordable cost of living and has a diverse talent pool, especially in the tech and manufacturing sectors. Simply said: we love St. Louis!”

For the design of the new headquarters, the company is teaming up with locally-based Oakline Studio, a full service design and architecture firm, as well as CI Select to furnish the space. The 48,000+ square foot facility will feature cement floors and exposed ceilings for a modern, open layout.

The office will be led by current St. Louis-based team members, including David Lillis, senior vice president of finance, and Chris Peckham, head of sales. Expected to take over as chief financial officer later this year, Lillis will work closely with the team on-site to streamline processes and drive cost optimization initiatives. Peckham will remain focused on implementing new growth strategies and a simplified structure as the company continues to scale.

The company is currently hiring across sales, finance, engineering and warehouse operations in St. Louis for key roles such as accounting senior manager, revenue operations manager, accounting director, operations coordinator, head of firmware QA, senior payroll advisor, inventory accountant, revenue accountant and more.

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