Latch Inc. announced plans to rebrand to with an expanded vision of unlocking the potential of the Honest Day’s Worker. The company plans to maintain its focus on its core access control business under the Latch brand, while launching additional brands under the umbrella to create a platform that superpowers the proud service providers that make the world go round. The new brand is expected to officially launch in 2024.

“The door is where the Honest Day’s Worker meets their customer and where Latch products and services provide best-in-class access control solutions,” said Jamie Siminoff, chief doorman. “I’ve spent the last decade of my career focused on the front door as the gateway to the community, and I’m proud to now unlock the door for our critical Honest Day’s Workers and their businesses. We’re here to invent and build, and we won’t stop until we deliver a platform that improves the lives of every service provider and building operator.”

Upon its launch, will enable Honest Day’s Workers across industries to take control of their businesses, from scheduling to invoicing, while keeping their hard earned money in their pocket. With a user-friendly, end-to-end platform that simplifies day-to-day operations, delivers financial freedom, increases efficiency and improves support, empowers Honest Day’s Workers to manage and grow their businesses on their terms.

In addition to its current access control offerings with Latch, the company is announcing its first services vertical, the James app, which allows drivers to seamlessly book clients and manage their businesses, and riders can connect directly with drivers who they know and trust. With the James app, the driver — an Honest Day’s Worker — receives the necessary backend support to run their businesses while remaining in control of their schedules and maximizing the economics of their work.

“We’re here to support the Honest Day’s Workers — the service providers that truly care about the job they are doing,” added Siminoff. “We all know them when we meet them. We believe that technology should be there for them to use, not to use them. With James, drivers now have access to a platform that allows them to succeed and thrive. We’re here to serve the ones who serve us every day, and we look forward to creating a massive impact with and its respective brands.”

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