Telaeris Inc. announced its new XPressEntry handheld badge and biometric reader support for all HID Mobile Access solutions including HID employee badge and Student ID in Apple Wallet.

Traditional credentials are easily lost or forgotten creating a variety of physical security risks. In response to these challenges, organizations can now improve physical security and convenience by issuing mobile credentials on smartphones which are always in their users’ possession and are less likely to be lost in workplace and educational settings.

Most campus or facility implementations of digital credentials will be incremental, with both legacy badges and new mobile credentials being used and deployed in parallel. Without the ability to visually inspect traditional credentials like before, the need to challenge and communicate with mobile credentials, as well as legacy badges using the identity information on record in the access control, becomes even more important. Safety and physical security professionals can rely on Telaeris and XPressEntry to solve these new and unique opportunities.

In higher education settings, existing mobile campus one card credentials are similarly being transitioned to credentials in digital wallets. These credentials stored in the digital wallet are utilized at universities and colleges as an integrated ID, payment, and access solution. This means that XPressEntry can be used by guards and administrators to track students for event entry, attendance, emergency accountability and more.

"The smartphone will be the home for any credentials in the future; credit cards, government IDs, student IDs, passports, and access control credentials are all moving into the digital wallet, and we are ready," said David Carta, Ph.D., CEO of Telaeris. "We are thrilled that XPressEntry is among one of the first handheld, mobile readers to work with HID employee badge and Student ID in Apple Wallet. Telaeris is a proud, longtime HID partner and we will continue to innovate and add value to this important relationship."

Telaeris‘ XPressEntry handheld badge and biometric readers enhance access control and security management by providing a flexible, mobile solution that goes beyond traditional door readers and addresses specific safety and security challenges.

  • Handheld Badge Verification – Superior security with handheld authentication to confidently control access to and manage any secured space plus ENTRY / EXIT tracking.
  • Emergency Evacuation Mustering – Ensure everyone is safely accounted for during a true emergency to improve evacuations, employee safety and OSHA / regulatory compliance.
  • Corporate Events & Training – Use existing security badges for access management to manage attendees and deny access when necessary to events and training.
  • Handheld Biometric Verification – Superior security with biometrics and multi-factor authentication to deliver enhanced identity authentication in high security areas.
  • Workplace Surveys – Pre-screen workers with questions and deny access when necessary to help prevent the spread of illness and to keep the workplace safe.
  • Other Use Cases – Time and Attendance, Confined Space Management, Bus Entry Validation, Guest / Visitor Tracking, Remote Parking, Mobile Enrollment, and more.

“The Telaeris‘ XPressEntry handheld badge readers with HID credential support including HID Mobile Access and HID employee badge and Student ID in Apple Wallet is a game changer in the handheld verification market”, said Rick Winter, senior manager & embedded mobile BDM of extended access technologies at HID. “Real-time personnel image verification and ACS integration provide the customer flexibility and convenience to manage emergency evacuation mustering, corporate events & tracking of training, and on-prem/campus employee/visitor management validation, which enhances the security and safety of their facility.”