American Video Electronics Inc. (AVEI)

For the past five years, American Video Electronics Inc. (AVEI), Denver, has focused exclusively on research, development and manufacturing of digital video recorders (DVRs) and other related products in the security and surveillance market. Established in 1989, AVEI began as a service company for repairing large chains' equipment. From years of getting to know the industry and seeing the pitfalls of surveillance and security equipment, AVEI's managers decided to turn their expertise into product. The focus was on serviceability and quality.

At its 20,000-square-foot facility in Colorado, the company trains service technicians, manufactures its products and houses its corporate offices all in one place. AVEI's president Phil Wright says that having all the employees together helps the company ensure quality in everything it does.

He says that although the company's equipment might not always be the least expensive, AVEI is committed to making a superior product for the security industry. "This stuff is absolute quality," he added. "We're a Rolls Royce [of the industry]."

The company maintains it is the only digital video recorder manufacturer in the United States. For more information, visit

i3DVR Intl

i3DVR Intl, Scarborough, Ontario, one of North America's leading providers of digital video security products, has won a total of seven awards. i3DVR was awarded two Ontario Global Trader's Awards for innovation and market expansion and the Judge's Choice Award for Best Commercial Product at ISC West. The company also received two of CANASA's Dealer's Choice Awards in the CCTV and special products categories.

Founded in 1990, the company originally was established to assist customers with their surveillance and security needs. With subsequent advancements in technology, i3DVR began evaluating alternative security solutions, finding a niche in the production and distribution of digital video management systems.

By 2004, i3DVR had established a network of dealers across North America through which it could distribute its DVMS systems and data management solutions. For more information, visit

SafetyCare Inc.

SafetyCare Inc., Hackensack, N.J., offers a new paradigm in monitoring and security. It invests alarm monitoring fees to provide one-stop safety, security and wellness support for its family members.

Included in its standard membership fee, SafetyCare provides family crisis intervention, wellness and fitness counseling, video monitoring, storage and retrieval of personal and medical records, two-way audio verification and voice communication with its family center. A new service is Web-based expanded neighborhood watch for helping members track down lost pets, wandering children and other crises. Fire, carbon monoxide, and intrusion monitoring are also included in the service.

Although SafetyCare is not a dealer program or contract central station, the company has entered into joint ventures with select alarm companies.

The goal of SafetyCare is to implement services for families in New Jersey and New York for the next several years. The next step will be to establish facilities to offer services in carefully selected regions throughout the country. For more information, visit