Authorized dealer programs come in all shapes and sizes – some are sponsored by manufacturers and focus on exclusive products and marketing support. Others are offered by installing dealers themselves, who demonstrate a keen understanding of the market opportunities and challenges. Others put their focus on monitoring and support services. The broad variety of authorized dealer programs in the electronic security industry makes it clear that independent dealers have a wide range of needs and desires, which they feel can fuel their growth and propel them to a higher level of sales and service.

By highlighting the unique benefits of our industry’s authorized dealer programs, SDM’s guide allows you to compare and evaluate these services before contacting them for more information. Telephone numbers and web site addresses are included for your convenience.

Editor’s note: If you are aware of an authorized dealer program that should be listed in this guide, please contact SDM at (630) 694-4027 or, and we will make every effort to obtain the information and post it to our online.

Alarm Insurance Agency

Charleston, S.C. • (800) 474-0933 •
  • Broad liability/errors & omissions coverage
  • Certificates issued at no charge
  • Same day requested competitive pricing
  • Licensed in all states
  • Bonds: License and permit + performance and payment

We’re not only making it a lot easier for alarm and monitoring companies to buy insurance; we’ve also improved the coverage, service and prices. As alarm insurance specialists, we know the security industry as well as all its insurance requirements. Our program, specifically tailored for the security industry, means one-stop shopping for the coverage you need including liability, errors and omissions, automobile, property (contents, tools and equipment, receivers, towers and antennas), computer, bonds, and umbrella coverages. And, you’ll be sent updated certificates every year.

The Alarm Insurance Agency has also developed a special price structure designed to save you money. Plus, you are assured of the highest quality coverage.

With our years of experience and understanding of the security industry, we have developed an unparalleled expertise in handling claims specific to the alarm industry so that we can provide you with the best possible defense and allow you to continue to operate your business without constant distractions.

Arias Tech Ltd.

Mississauga, On • 1 888 282 7740 •

o Revolutionary new technology with exponential growth

o The clear leader in Smoke Barrier Security

o Stops “Smash and Grab” attacks unlike any other product

o Extremely strong market demand

o Wide deployment experience in USA

o Generous margins, virtually untapped total market

Using synthetic fog to block visibility, Smokecloak stops intruders in less than 20 seconds. Smokecloak Ltd. invented the concept over 12 years ago and to date has sold over 40,000 systems. Extremely successful at stopping burglary, even Smash-and-Grab. Protects retail, office, VIP residential & high security sites.

Dealers gain tremendous profit potential, higher customer satisfaction and an exceptional competitive advantage. Word about Smokecloak’s effectiveness spreads quickly among communities. Dealers typically sell Smokecloaks to 1 to 2 % of their commercial monitoring accounts within the first two months. Expect immediate cash influx, followed by strong sales growth.

Smokecloak is by far the most established brand. 7th generation machines, ISO-9002 quality, 12+ years experience, 60+ countries, 80% market share, very impressive certification & approval list, wide US gov deployment history. Smokecloak chairs the ISO committee on Smoke Barrier Security and has led virtually every regulatory effort in the world. Very comprehensive dealer program with best practices from 60+ countries. 24h tech support.

Bosch Security Systems

Fairport, N.Y. • (800)289-0096 •
  • Product exclusivity and special pricing
  • Superior return policy, no restocking fees within 90 days
  • Advanced notice of Bosch product technology announcements
  • Business building support programs: co-op, customized literature, etc.
  • Member website with dealer locator

The Bosch Certified Security Dealer (BCSD) Program consists of the most motivated security dealers, who benefit from and uphold the Bosch standards for quality and service. Bosch creates a lasting partnership based on mutual respect, loyalty, and financial benefit. Product exclusivity and special pricing give BCSDs the edge in the marketplace. In addition, BCSDs benefit from a variety of value-added opportunities including the display booth program, co-op advertising, customized literature, and security-oriented insurance coverage.

Bosch provides BCSDs with an enhanced return policy—full refund within 90 days, no restocking fees—and excluives access to 24/7 emergency technical support. By joining the BCSD Program you can offer your customers superior products, benefit from Bosch training and service, and experience the positive effect the program can have for your cash flow. To learn more about becoming a BCSD, contact a Bosch sales representative.

Central One

Boca Raton, Fla. • (800)310-1837 x5143 •
  • Real-time internet access
  • View alarm history from any browser including Web enabled cell phone.
  • Secure internet dealer access
  • Place accounts on test from any Touch Tone telephone.
  • Update account information online.

Central One gives internet dealer access to all our alarm dealers, allowing them to display subscriber account information and alarm history real-time online. We also allow our dealers to enter new accounts, send signals and edit subscriber account information. One other very important benefit offered by Central One is FAX-BACK, which allows our dealers quick and easy access to central station to send signals and receive history by fax.

Central Security Group Inc.

Tulsa, Okla. • (877) 572-2009 x623 •
  • Very competitive 34x cash upfront on qualified accounts
  • Short guarantee period—3 payments
  • One-stop shop; your personal dealer coordinator handles everything.
  • Non-exclusive program; don't put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Equipment choice and discounts on packages

Tired of changes? Central Security Group has paid the same multiples, same equipment and had the same guarantee periods for five years. We don’t require the dealer to collect install fees or “connect” fees. We don’t lock you into a three-year agreement—our dealers stay because they want to. We provide fast, accurate and reliable service to our dealers in return for the best customers installed by any dealer program.

If you are looking for a stable and profitable future, give us a call at (877)572-2009 and ask for Jodie Goodman at x623. Currently looking for dealers in major markets of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Tennessee, and Arizona.

First Alert Professional Security Systems

Syosset, N.Y. • (800)852-0086 •
  • Comprehensive sales, marketing and business support programs
  • Award-winning marketing materials and training programs
  • Exclusive Life-Safety program and Community Service initiative
  • Year-round networking opportunities
  • Sales contests and awards of recognition

First Alert Professional Security Systems is the largest independent network of security dealers with 500 locations throughout the U.S., Canada, and Latin America.

More than 15 years since its inception, the network continues to grow, offering cutting-edge technology combined with comprehensive marketing and sales support programs. Award-winning training programs, complete life safety and community service programs provide our dealers with the greatest competitive advantage.

One of the highlights of our program is our annual convention, where our dealers come together for an exceptional educational and networking experience. It is also our opportunity to recognize the outstanding achievements of our dealers and present many awards and prizes to the shining stars within our network.

And perhaps the greatest advantage our dealers have is that they can also be known as Honeywell Authorized Security Dealers—taking their businesses to new heights with two highly regarded consumer brand names.

GE Security

Arden Hills, Minn. • (800) 777-1415 x4655 •
  • Super-charge your sales closing ratios as an elite GE Security Pro dealer.
  • Install proprietary GE Security Pro products that set you apart from your competition.
  • Invest in your future with a variety of unique GE Security Pro Financial products that are custom-designed to meet the needs of any size or type of company.
  • Drive sales with GE Security Pro’s award-winning marketing and lead generation programs.
  • Maximize your company’s performance by taking advantage of GE Security Pro’s training and volume discount programs.

The GE Security Pro program is all about gaining a strong competitive edge. Bolstered by the GE brand, this comprehensive award-winning program is designed to help dealers stand out from the crowd, attract more customers, better manage their businesses, maximize market share, and increase profits. It features a wealth of special privileges, including preferred product offerings, award-winning marketing programs and materials, innovative business management tools, lead distribution programs, extensive training programs, creative Web support, and much more.

GE Security Pro dealers stand out as a prestigious network of professionals who are recognized for excellence in all aspects of security. The program is fueled by the innovation and vast resources of GE. This assures GE Security Pro dealers that they will offer products that are always at the cutting edge of technology.

Guardian Protection Services Inc.

Pittsburgh, Pa. • (800)533-4827 x701 •
  • Competitive purchase multiples ranging to 41x RMR
  • Revenue sharing for dealer meeting minimum quality and volume requirements
  • Weekly funding of accounts delivered to Guardian
  • Continuing support from Guardian’s award-winning marketing department
  • The option to build longer term value via dealer-retained accounts

Guardian Protection Services Inc. (“Guardian”) offers an outstanding opportunity for entrepreneurs to build substantial short-and long-term value via our innovative dealer program. A security industry participant for over 50 years, Guardian perennially ranks among the industry leaders in sales volume, installations, and RMR (see SDM 100, May 2004).

We are a financially strong, privately held firm with outstanding cash flows and significant access to capital. Dealers are therefore assured of a stable and consistent source of funding to support their growth. Guardian is currently looking to add dealers in our market “footprint.” Our program offers the dealer handsome incentives for attracting high-quality, creditworthy customers who purchase security systems customized to their needs.

Dealers interested in offering “zero-down” systems and otherwise not demonstrating a clear and unwavering commitment to quality in the conduct of their business would not be candidates for the Guardian Authorized Dealer Program.

Knight Protective Industries

North Hollywood, Calif. • (800)222-2296 x102 •
  • Knight – an industry leader for over a quarter-century
  • Flexibility – numerous programs to choose from
  • No equipment restrictions – GE & Ademco discounts
  • Programs with no charge-backs, hold-backs, or replacement guarantees
  • Programs with 100 percent of accounts returned to dealer
  • Knight pioneered the first Authorized Dealer program over a quarter century ago. Today, no company offers more choices than Knight. Utilize our award-winning marketing materials and brand or keep your own identity. Sell your accounts outright or have them returned to you.

    We provide expert two-way voice, contract monitoring, commercial leasing, discounts on GE and Ademco equipment, account acquisition funding, KnightVision video monitoring, medical alert funding, and more. All available through one source with one phone call. One Call Does It All.

    Monitronics International Inc.

    Dallas, Texas • (877)431-6208 •

    • Offers dealers comprehensive sales training
    • Provides unbeatable equipment discounts
    • Business-building boot camps conducted throughout the country
    • National lead distribution provided to help dealers sell more
    • Expert technical support group keeps dealers on top of their game.

      PSBTECH Monitoring

      Nutley, N.J. • (888)443-1100 •
      • Full-service, U.L. listed central station
      • State-of-the-art fully redundant systems and software
      • Customer-focused, highly trained, experienced staff
      • Online dealer access, services and systems
      • Dealer support programs for billing, marketing, financing and leasing

      PSBTECH Monitoring offers exceptional services and performance, embracing evolving technologies to provide effective solutions and significant financial gain for our dealer/partners. PSBTECH Monitoring operates a full-service central station, a state-of-the-art secure facility, built and operated to stringent U.L. standards. All computer systems, servers, work stations and software are fully redundant, supported by high-performance backup systems and generators. PSBTECH’s customer-focused staff offers competent, professional service and prompt, courteous, responses to alarm and other monitoring requirements 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

      Services include: U.L.-listed fire and burglar alarm monitoring, personal emergency and medical alerts, two-way voice, PROBE interactive audio/video monitoring, i-Access web-based card access hosting, daily/weekly/monthly tests, open/close (log only or supervised), alphanumeric paging, AlarmNet backup radio, direct customer billing, financing and leasing programs, dealer marketing and technical support, online dealer access.

      Vector Security Inc.

      Pittsburgh, Pa. • (800)832-8575 x2217 •
      • We understand the challenges facing many small dealers today.
      • Our program is based upon cooperation, not conflict.
      • We offer dealers a true “one-of-a-kind” identity.
      • 3 lucrative levels of payment multiples
      • Plus, one of the best monitoring and false dispatch reduction programs.

      Today, national companies, central station service subcontractors and financial services providers operate a majority of today’s dealer programs, but we’re different. We begin each business day in much the same way you do. While some programs seem to be designed wrong from the start, our program is designed to build harmony within our dealer base. It has built-in dealer limits to avoid overcrowding a market, and dealer-to-dealer competition.

      Vector dealers can enjoy a “one of a kind” new identity within their respective marketplace, because our program centers on a return to some old-time industry traditions…including quality, integrity and customer care. That singles out Vector Security Authorized Dealers as the preferred companies to trust. Lastly, we’ve combined the industry’s highest payment multiples with instant access to funding, along with the opportunity to earn bonus revenues.

      Our compensation program is built upon an exceptional multi-level platform approach. Learn more at

      ADT Security Services Inc.

      Aurora, Colo. • (866)622-5228 •

      • ADT makes getting into the security business simple and affordable.
      • ADT’s dealer program offers the most innovative revenue program in the business.
      • Benefit from a multi-million-dollar advertising budget.
      • Take advantage of affinity partnerships with national companies.
      • Learn from the best with world-class training programs.

      AES Intellinet

      Peabody, Mass. • (978)535-7310 •

      • Technical system certification
      • Technical support
      • Sales support
      • Volume buying plan

      AlarmWatch Inc.

      Hunt Valley, Md. • (866) 882-0375 x215 •

      • Retain 100 percent of account ownership after 36-month or 48-month finance period.
      • No charge-backs, no hold backs, and no replacements for lost accounts.
      • Flexible funding (no minimum number of accounts).
      • Internet-based credit approval in minutes.
      • Exceptional digital and two-way voice monitoring.

      American Sentry Guard

      Greenwood, Ind. • (866)658-9938 •

      • One source for all your digital CCTV needs
      • 3-year on-site warranty
      • Customized marketing and lead generation
      • Pre-set weekly sales appointments
      • National equipment leasing program for end-users

      Belden CDT Electronics Division

      Richmond, Ind. • (800)235-3361 •

      • A full compliment of cables for security applications
      • Revolutionary new Belcoil packaging
      • Reduced time of installation using Banana Peel composites
      • Sequential footage marking on cable

      Brink’s Home Security

      Irving, Texas • (800)576-9416 •

      • Brand recognition
      • Dedicated dealer support
      • Sales and technical training
      • Consistent funding
      • Attractive multiples

      DSC Partner Dealer Program

      Concord, Ontario • (888) 888-7838 •

      • Dealers have established quotas with a contract in a limited distribution environment.
      • Sales tools provided: partner literature in both a generic version and version that can be privately labeled; PowerPoint sales presentation, training tools; private labeled user manuals; access to the Partner POP up booth for trade shows; customized mylar labels for the panel enclosures
      • Unique keypads available only to the partners
      • A customized Partner Dealer Program website supporting consumer inquiries and a password protected area.
      • Elite Partner Dealer Program technical support line

      GE Infrastructure, Security

      Austin, Texas • (262) 639-6909 •

      • Largest range of security solutions in the industry
      • Special discounts and growth incentives
      • Single contact for all purchases
      • Ascending tiers of rewards
      • Extensive training and pre-introduction information on new products

      Guardian International Inc.

      Hollywood, Fla. • (800)509-4911 •

      • U.L. listed and FM approved monitoring center—enhanced verification process for lower false dispatches
      • Latest state of the art receivers
      • Accounts programmed on your own line
      • Excellent funding program for qualified dealers
      • Managed by alarm dealers, for alarm dealers – we know and understand your specialized needs.

      Home Automation Inc. (HAI)

      New Orleans, La. • (800)229-7256 •

      • Website presence
      • Marketing support
      • Dealer-only website
      • Technical support and training

      Honeywell Authorized Dealer Program for Commercial Security Systems

      Syosset, N.Y. • (800) 852-0086

      • Designed to support mid-range commercial and industrial security markets
      • Offers dealers customized marketing support and targeted sales and technical training programs
      • Comprehensive value-added business services
      • Geared for dealers with expertise in intrusion and fire, video surveillance and access control
      • Dealers benefit by partnering with Honeywell, a leading manufacturer of mid-range electronic security systems and solutions.

      Honeywell Security & Comfort Solutions

      Syosset, N.Y. • (800)852-0086

      • Designed to support dealers in the new construction market
      • Maximizes the strength of the Honeywell brand name
      • “One-stop shop for builders” for all low-voltage needs
      • Combined marketing of home comfort, indoor air quality, security and fire protection, and structured wiring
      • Marketing and promotional support for dealers and builders

      SAFE LP

      San Ramon, Calif. • (800)669-7779 x156

      • SAFE offers competitive multiples and reliable, timely funding.
      • Flexible dealer and bulk purchase programs are available.
      • You have state-of-the-art account services and web access to current information.
      • We provide expert customer service resources and marketing support.

      SecureFleet Management Systems Inc.

      Freeport, N.Y. • (800)222-8872 •

      • Profits on all installations
      • New source of recurring revenue
      • Nationwide lead referrals
      • Low start-up costs
      • New service to offer existing customers as well as new markets.