Derek Smith did not surprise anyone in his keynote address at the Securing New Ground conference this fall in New York City.

“Our world has become a riskier place to live, work and do business,” pointed out the chairman and chief executive officer of ChoicePoint, the major provider of identification and credential verification services for business and government.

In defense of the emerging nature of the security industry, Smith added, “There’s no doubt that information and technology can be effectively used to reduce risk and increase peace of mind.”

The key themes in the ninth annual Securing New Ground conference, information and technology, played out well during the two-day event. In comments that followed Smith’s presentation, Bill Zalud, representing SDM and Security magazines, underlined this critical juncture as security technologies expand and spread.

“The focused mission today centers on choosing the most effective security measures and those that will more easily grow with that mission and emerging threats,” Zalud commented. “There’s more dependence on computers and communications, mobility, convergence and integration.

“For example, digital security video is exploding, no doubt,” Zalud told the attendees. “The trick to making video more effective, however, hinges on building more intelligence and decision-making right into cameras and security systems while picking the right niche technologies, such as wireless, biometrics, smart cards and tracking, to meet the business goals of the end user or the homeland security objectives of the country.”

More than 200 security industry executives and investors attended the two-day conference. Presentations focused on making money in the security industry, investor perspectives, homeland security, market trends, biometrics moving into the mainstream, new technologies and other areas that will create new sources of revenue going forward.

The panelists from the “View From the Top” session represented a significant percentage of the estimated $120-billion global security market. New products of potential significance to the security industry were presented and included advances in CCTV, the use of video for security and business information, and technologies that provide security customers faster returns on their investments.

The 10th anniversary Securing New Ground conference is scheduled for Nov. 16-17 at the Roosevelt Hotel, New York City. For information about participating, sponsoring or attending the conference, visit, call (440) 286-4900, or e-mail