The Pelco Mobile Product Showcase is a sales and training tool.
Response from the field has been so positive that two additional trucks have been added to Pelco’s Mobile Product Showcase (MPS). Now with a fleet of three, the Western, Central, and Eastern regions of the United States are covered, including Canada. Also under consideration is launching a European mobile product showcase.

To date, the first truck has logged more than 200,000 miles from California to Canada to Florida. It is a cross-country, traveling mini-Pelco on wheels, which is staffed by experts in video security. It is used for hands-on sales presentations, product-training sessions, open house events and trade shows.

The MPS is always on the move visiting end users, dealers, distributors, integrators, consultants and government entities across the nation. Its goal is to increase customer familiarity with Pelco, its products and commitment to customer service.