Monitronics International, Dallas, has expanded into a new headquarters building. As of August 23, Monitronics had transitioned a majority of its employees and operations to One Valley View Place, a six-story building only yards from Monitronics’ current location in northwest Dallas. This transition into the new building took place just before the company marked its 10th anniversary at the end of August.

“We have reached a point where expansion was necessary to continue our consistent pace of growth,” said president and CEO Jim Hull. “This new space and our 10th anniversary are two significant signs of our success and it is great that we get to celebrate them at the same time.”

Monitronics, No. 5 on the SDM 100, is located on the third, fourth, and sixth floors, occupying more than 47,000 square feet. A large lighted sign of the Monitronics logo hangs on the north and south sides of the building, which is located at the southwest corner of Stemmons Freeway and Valley View Lane.

The company’s central monitoring station will remain at the Valley View Tech Center, located south and west of the new offices. In total, Monitronics now has more than 67,000 square feet for its operations and more than 500 employees.

Monitronics currently provides 24-hour monitoring and customer support to more than 460,000 customers across the country. For information visit