Product Achievement Award for Monitoring – NSS, Washington D.C.

HOME MONITORING SYSTEM • Ideal for Home Arrest Monitoring, arranged by the local court/corrections system, and installed and monitored by a local alarm contractor.

• Very suitable for Alzheimers patient monitoring, provided by nursing homes and healthcare facilities, installed and monitored by a local alarm contractor.

AES-IntelliGuard is a system for monitoring home arrest subjects and Alzheimer’s patients. A tamperproof bracelet worn by the “client” is linked by short-range radio to the IntelliGuard unit. If the client leaves the monitored area, an alarm is generated. The alarm is sent by AES-IntelliNet radio – without telephone lines – to the central station. AES radio solves problems created by phone links including frequent (costly) check-ins, interference with resident calls, and tampering.

AES IntelliNet

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Product Achievement Award for CCTV – ISC West

ADVANCED VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM • Applications include nuclear power plants, electrical power plants, water treatment facilities, and border patrols

• Ideal for rail tracks and stations, airports, and correctional facilities.

The VIQ-4HD, from GE Interlogix, is an integrated hardware/software product that incorporates an advanced computational learning concept called VideoIQ, in order to provide reliable human intrusion detection. VIQ-4HD can be integrated into any surveillance application including video and burglar alarms. VIQ-4HD reduces errant alarms by using sophisticated video analysis algorithms in order to make accurate decisions about objects in a camera scene.

GE Interlogix

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Product Achievement Award for Intrusion – NSS, Washington D.C.

DIRECTIONAL INTRUSION DETECTION • Perfect for outdoor perimeter protection in harsh environments.

• Protect airports, military bases, car dealerships, utility companies, or corporate facilities.

The IR 483 from ASIM Technologies was specifically designed for directional detection. Featuring heated precision optics, silicon wafer window and two independent detection curtains, the IR 483 can determine not only whether an intruder has penetrated a perimeter, but also if a person is moving from right to left or vice versa. Should directional detection not be required, the IR 483 can be easily converted into a narrow curtain PIR featuring ultra-low rates of nuisance alarms.

ASIM Technologies

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Product Achievement Award for Biometrics – ISC West

AUDITED CASH HANDLING WITH BIOMETRICS The Auditlok XLV system can monitor access and provide cash/user/event reports to a central database, validate paper money and dispense coins. The integration of biometrics into the AuditLok XLV system creates a truly positive way to track users and events that cannot be circumvented by users. Companies handling large sums of money can control operational procedures and report what and who is accessing their safes at any given time.

Fire King Security Products (NKL)

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Achievement Award for Honorable Mention – NSS, Washington D.C.

DUAL SUPERVISED READER EXTENDER • Parking gates – in and out readers can be connected to a control panel via wireless link.

• Card reader in elevator cab – there may only be a single pair of wires available in an elevator shaft.

• Hazardous or lightning-prone locations – using the fiber optic communication option, copper wires can be eliminated in favor of non-conducting glass or plastic fiber links.

The Cypress DUPREX is the industry’s first dual supervised reader extender – one or two Wiegand card readers can be connected to an access control panel over a single pair of wires. Door contact signals can be controlled and monitored remotely over the same pair of wires or with fiber optic, wireless or Ethernet data links. In the access control environment, there are cards and readers connected to a control panel via standard copper wires (usually 12 wires with a distance limit of 500 ft.). The panel is then connected to a host computer via RS-232 or Ethernet. The DUPREX is designed to connect any two card, tag, biometric readers to any control panel via a single pair of wires (up to 10,000 ft.), fiber optic (typically 5 miles), Ethernet (anywhere within a WAN), Internet (around the world), or wireless link (up to 2 miles). As far as the panel is aware, it is directly connected to the reader and I/O points (totally transparent, plug and play).

Cypress Computer Systems Inc.

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Product Achievement Award for Training – NSS, Washington D.C.

VELOCITY INTEGRATED LEARNING STRATEGY • Voice-enabled, screen-print tutorials cover major aspects of the Velocity product.

• Every major screen includes a help button, which launches context-sensitive help.

• Three new reference manuals will be available to aid in getting the product set up.

Hirsch Electronics has a four-pronged strategy to ensuring dealers and end-users are capable of supporting their products in the field. They are: detailed factory training on Information Technology, state-of-the-art tutorials, context sensitive help, and job-specific manuals. At Hirsch Electronics’ factory, we hold instructor-led courses on computer topics critical for dealers’ success in the field. We teach components of the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) program that are important to dealers’ ability to successfully install, troubleshoot, and maintain the Velocity System. The focus is to cover those topics that allow the student to be able to independently, successfully manage the technology that is the backbone of their access control system.

Hirsch Electronics

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Product Achievement Award for Home Automation – NSS, Washington D.C.

GRAPHICAL TOUCHSCREEN • Targeted for new and existing mid- to high-end homes and small commercial establishments.

• Graphical control of Omni Family’s security, HVAC, lighting, and home automation functions.

The HAI OmniTouch is a colorful plug-and-play touchscreen interface for the award-winning Omni Family of integrated security and automation controllers. It facilitates graphical control of the Omni Family security, HVAC and lighting control functions via easy-to-recognize icons. It is also the most affordably priced touchscreen in its class.

Home Automation Inc. (HAI)

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Product Achievement Award for Monitoring – ISC West

REMOTE VIDEO SOLUTION • Fully integrated video verification

• Automated video guard tours with e-mail notification

• Automated video open/close reports with e-mail

The OzLine-4VC is a remote video solution that comes with four video inputs and can control external devices as well as pan/tilt/zoom functions. The OzLine-4VC works with standard CCTV cameras and can be interconnected to alarm panels to record pre- and post-alarm activity. Most leading automation software supports the unit, allowing video e-mail, video to a PDA, and much more – opening up considerable monthly RMR opportunities. Stand-alone central station software is available for free. OzVision does not take the place of DVRs, but adds to the capabilities and services.

OzVision America

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Product Achievement Award for Wireless – NSS, Washington D.C. Judges Choice Award for Residential Products

WIRELESS ALARM NETWORK • Designed to be used with residential alarm systems.

• Perfect for office buildings and complexes.

• Ideal application at schools and colleges.

The SiRoute self-configuring wireless network consists of a universal interface for use with any control panel and a range of plug-in peripherals – up to seven per interface. Multiple interface modules may be used without interference. Peripherals include PIRs, glassbreak sensors, magnetic contacts, indoor and outdoor sirens, smoke sensors and a universal input/output module which can be wired to sensors, such as magnetic contacts and used to activate appliances remotely, such as garage doors, HVAC, etc.

Stealth Laboratories

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Product Achievement Award for Digital Video – NSS, Washington D.C. Judges Choice Award for Commercial Products

REAL-TIME MONITORING FOR HIGH-RISKS • Designed for airports, harbors, borders, and other transportation hubs.

• Ideal for chemical plants, nuclear and other energy facilities, water and power utilities.

VistaScape’s SDMS is a real-time automated approach to monitoring security operations. As a software solution, SDMS transforms passive video surveillance cameras into proactive sensors. SDMS automatically detects, classifies, tracks, geo-locates, and generates alerts, allowing immediate response. VistaScape’s flexible technology allows security managers to define policies with a simple interface, denoting criteria and setting specific alarms for multiple areas.

VistaScape Security Systems

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Product Achievement Award for Access Control – ISC West

KEYPAD/PROX READER • Airports – the product is metal which makes it more rugged and virtually vandal-proof.

• Hospitals – all Barantec’s products are completely sealed so you can wash them down.

• Schools – because they are metal keypads/proximity units, they are virtually vandal-proof.

The Everswitch Prox is a combination of a virtually indestructible keypad with an HID proximity reader offering the security industry the best of both worlds for the first time. The totally sealed, all-metal construction meets and exceeds most standards and is ideal for high traffic, hazardous or extreme user pattern applications. It is suited for all outdoor applications; the unit is IP68 rated, which means it is an immersible product.


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Product Achievement Award for Intrusion – ISC West

SECURITY FOR APARTMENTS, SMALL HOMES • Designed for multi-family dwelling units, such as apartment buildings and condominiums.

• Suitable for any retrofit installation in which it would be difficult to wire from the telco protector block to the alarm panel.

Allegro is a revolutionary security product for apartments, condominiums, and small homes. Because the telephone module, the Dialog Telephone Interface Module (DTIM), is separate from the control panel, Allegro addresses one of the biggest issues in security – how to prevent a burglar from breaking in and smashing or grabbing the security device, thus rendering it useless.

GE Interlogix

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Product Achievement Award for Access Control – NSS, Washington D.C. Best of Show – The Innovation Award

DNA TECHNOLOGY SECURITY ACCESS SYSTEM • Designed for government security access.

• Ideal for corporate and high-security data centers.

• Well-suited for border control.

The future of security is DNA Technology. The Applied DNA Technology offers the most effective solutions for access control, identifying and deterring global counterfeiting, fraud and identity theft. The key to this is the use of the highest form of security using DNA biotechnology. By manipulating plant DNA, a unique string of DNA strands are integrated into microchips that are used to distinguish authenticity in applications such as Applied DNA’s Security Access System.

Applied DNA Sciences Inc.

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