This training facility of Micro Key Software Inc., Kissimmee, Fla., will be shared with its neighbors.
For the third time in less than 10 years, a steady increase in clients has created a need for Micro Key Software Inc., Kissimmee, Fla., to upgrade its training facilities. This time, the company is sharing its new facilities with its neighbors.

"There is nothing worse than having to turn away clients who are requesting refresher training or looking to develop new skills," remarked Wayne Torrens, Micro Key Software's president. "One of the best services we can provide is client training, and this new facility will ensure we can deliver what our Millennium software partners need to run their operations efficiently and profitably."

Explained Brenda Judy, Micro Key's general manager, "When our previous training center, which was used on occasion as a conference room, was converted into a full-time conference room, our executive staff started to brainstorm how to utilize our new facility when training was not taking place. So we decided to offer this high-tech training center for use by local companies.

"The intent is not to use the room as a profit center but to help our local business community while trying to recover the cost of operation," she noted. "This truly is a win-win situation for us and other local businesses."

The facility has a fully networked computer system complete with wireless Internet access, digital projection and all the traditional trainer's tools.

"So when our new 1,200-square-foot classroom (built to accommodate 30 students) was opened in May of this year, we notified key companies in our community that we were making this room available to them," she reported.

Micro Key Software has been providing computer software training since 1985. Modern equipment and the latest technology have always been used, giving every student hands-on experience and simulating real-life situations.