This year, Electornix Systems Central Station Alarms Inc. of Huntington Station, N.Y., is celebrating its 25th anniversary in the alarm industry.

Company president, Fred J. Leonardo, began his career in the telephone industry. During a New York Tel strike in 1971, Leonardo started dabbling in alarms as a secondary business. By 1978, he had to leave the phone company because his alarm business was booming, and he had reached more than 2,000 long-range radio subscribers on Long Island by the early 1980s.

Now Electornix Systems specializes in large, complicated, high-end accounts.

“The key to staying successful is dedication, hard work, and being there when your customer calls. Success is based on service,” Leonardo says.

In the near term, Leonardo says that the company will focus on service as well as increasing profitability in this challenging economy.