As New York City's police commissioner in September 2001, Bernard Kerik was a first-hand witness to the terrorist attack in that city, and spoke about his experiences at a keynote address at ISC Expo/West in Las Vegas, at the 6th Annual Industry Summit on March 31. Kerik's speech was riveting; he expressed the importance of protecting our country's landmarks, government buildings, public places, and more, "because they'll be back. They'll try for another spectacular event. We have to prepare and that's what you do," Kerik noted. He portrayed a hypothetical example of a suicide bomber attacking one of Las Vegas' casinos at any time. Even if just a few people were killed, Kerik said, "what would that do to our economy, the stock market, tourism, the airline industry? It would cripple our country with fear. We can't let that happen again. That's why what you do is so important," Kerik warned security professionals.