Rod Uffindell, CAA treasurer and president of Denalect Alarm, Walnut Creek, Calif., accepts the George A. Weinstock Award at the CAA Winter Convention 2005.

The 2005 Winter California Alarm Association (CAA) Convention and Western Security Conference was held in San Francisco, Dec. 1-3. More than 300 people attended the event, according to Harvey Eisenstadt, associates director at CAA and director national accounts at Bosch Security Systems. About 220 members and attendees were present for the tribute dinner, which honored Rod Uffindell, CAA treasurer and past president.

Alan Pepper of Mitchell, Silberberg and Knupp, Los Angeles, and George Gunning, president of USA Alarm Systems Inc., Monrovia, Calif., discuss the proposed by-law at the CAA Winter Convention held in San Francisco.
Uffindell received the George A. Weinstock Award, celebrating Uffindell’s service and commitment to the industry. Past winners and past CAA presidents congratulated Uffindell during the dinner and award presentation. Eisenstadt even gave a tribute speech to Uffindell in the form of a rhyme.

“Rod has really been the conscience of the CAA and NBFAA since 1973 when he joined,” said Lessing Gold, CAA legal counsel and past Weinstock award winner.

In response to the award and presentation, Uffindell made a humble speech. “I learned that what is most important is good for the industry and what is good for the industry is giving back to the community,” he said.

Ron Davis, managing partner of Davis Marketing Group Inc., Long Grove, Ill., keynotes the CAA Winter Convention 2005 in San Francisco.
In addition to the tribute dinner, the convention included a keynote address by Ron Davis, managing partner of Davis Marketing Group Inc., Long Grove, Ill. Davis spoke about improving your management in the alarm industry and presented his “Iron Rules for Good Management” to the attendees.

“The problem most people have is not in meeting their goals; it’s establishing their goals,” Davis emphasized.

Also at the convention was a general session, in which eligible members voted on a by-law that would have allowed CAA regular members to vote either in person or by mail. Current CAA rules do not allow voting by mail. In order for the by-law to pass, it needed two-thirds of the vote. The final vote was 21 in favor of the by-law and 19 against the by-law – not enough to pass the proposal.

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