The Garage Master from the Skylink Group is a three-in-one automated system that functions as a garage door closer, receiver and a carbon monoxide door opener. When the CO level exceeds the safety limit, the CO detector sounds an alarm that then activates the Skylink audio sensor. The audio sensor then sends a signal to the Garage Master, which opens the garage door immediately to ensure proper ventilation. An audio sensor – model AS-101 and CO detector (a conventional CO detector is not included as part of the system) is required for the Garage Master to work. A garage door monitor hooked up to the garage door will sense if the door is fully closed.

If the monitor senses the door is ajar, a wireless signal is sent to the Garage Master, which will activate a built-in timer. The timer can be set by the homeowner to 2 to 20 minutes, which will then activate the garage door to close. Up to 14 Skylink transmitters can be programmed to the Garage Master for daily use. Rolling code technology allows the homeowner to operate the Garage Master with transmitters and upgrade a fixed code garage door opener to rolling code, which enhances security. A rolling code transmitter – Model 4B-434 – is required.Skylink Group

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