SDM Staff

At ISC West, the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA), Irving, Texas, announced results of the association’s proposed name change, “Electronic Life Safety and Systems Association.” In the vote by the general membership of NBFAA, two-thirds was needed to accept the proposed name in order to take effect. Even though the majority of voting members voted to approve the change, the association was 13 votes short of the 375 affirmative votes needed for a two-thirds majority, said Merlin Guilbeau, executive director of NBFAA.

Guilbeau stressed that he had never seen such a high participation rate in other votes or elections by members, and was pleased that so many members felt strongly enough about the issue to turn in their ballots.

While 362 members voted in favor of the name change, 207 opposed it. The NBFAA has 2,483 members according to Guilbeau. “It was exciting to see the membership so engaged,” Guilbeau said. “As the vote indicated, a large percentage of our members voted for the name change, but since we did not reach a two-thirds majority, we will continue to use the NBFAA name. Our vision and mission as an association remains strong and focused,” he said.

In other NBFAA news, the association announced two new charter chapters. The Idaho Alarm Association and Georgia Electronic Life Safety & Systems Association were welcomed as NBFAA affiliated chapters.

At ISC West, Guilbeau also announced an 86 percent growth rate over the last 18 months for the Security America Risk Retention Group, the insurance program for which NBFAA members are eligible. According to Guilbeau, many new members have joined the association to be able to participate in the insurance program.