Dortronics’ EZ Access stand-alone system can offer customers a cost-efficient, and advanced, access control solution.

Access control — considered the first line of defense in facility security — often implies a sophisticated and computer-managed, multiple-door, integrated security system. A more common access control application, however, is a stand-alone system.

Even though a stand-alone system is not continuously connected to a host system, it still allows authorized individuals to get in and out of a building or an area within a building. Some of the most frequently used devices are key locks, mechanical push-button locks and electronic locking systems.

Bridging the gap between electromechanical locks and high-end systems are stand-alone card reader entry systems. Such systems can usually provide audit trail capability and some integration potential with video surveillance and alarm systems.

Keyless Mechanical Locks

A step up from a basic key lock is the mechanical push-button lock, also known as a cipher lock, which requires a person to push a series of numbered buttons to unlock a door. Changing the code is a simple procedure and should be done frequently to avoid general familiarity with the entry code and thereby negating the lock’s effectiveness.

Keyless Electronic Locks

This solution is ideal for facilities where there are a limited number of access points and for situations where control of a specific access point is required, such as a server room or quality control test area. The system is microprocessor-based, and battery-powered.

Stand-alone Card Reader Systems

The intelligent card reader compares the data on the card with pre-programmed data, and entry or exit is granted or denied by the actual card reader at the reader location — not at a host computer. The reader may be a swipe, slot or proximity type. If the card’s code is authorized, the processor will direct the lock to open. Users can be easily programmed in or out.

Added Capabilities Step up Value

Entry systems that can be integrated with existing alarm or video surveillance systems provide an economical integrated physical security system for small-scale applications, such as small business environments and restricted areas of a building. Compared with networked systems, which also feature audit trails and system integration capability, stand-alone card reader entry systems are a fraction of the cost. Some stand-alone systems can be upgraded to a full-featured online system.