The ETV 5 Flex Recorder from Electronics Line USA merges a superior network video recorder capable of recording megapixel IP cameras, with a high-resolution H.264 digital video recorder. Each unit can record any combination of up to 32 IP or analog cameras. In addition, it offers hardware compression of the analog cameras, leaving plenty of capacity to recompress the megapixel IP cameras for maximum storage and streaming. The ETV 5 is designed for multiple-location businesses and provides a centralized management software suite. The software allows a user in the main office to easily deploy software updates, monitor system-wide health and store status, and bulk-edit user rights and access. The system comes with features including the most popular video analytics—directional motion analysis, tripwire, object detection and people counting. A new licensing model allows users to buy only the amount of channels needed and allows the user to purchase additional IP video channels at any time in the future. The solution can record IP cameras at resolutions up to five megapixels and analog cameras at 4CIF at 30 frames per sec. Electronics Line USA

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