According to Jimmy Busby Jr., co-founder and CTA of CentraLite, “Lighting is security.”
Busby founded the lighting and home control company with his father, Jim Busby Sr., after graduating from college in 1997. The company began with the lighting system Jim Busby Sr. designed for his own home. Having six children, he “just wanted to turn off all the lights at night.” Since then the company has developed seven generations of lighting and home control products designed for new construction and retrofit systems.

Simple to install, lower in cost than ever before and very attractive in today’s market, Busby believes that now is the perfect time for dealers to add lighting and home control systems to their offerings.

“Many states are introducing legislation with requirements for energy management,” Busby says. “As more requirements are becoming law, and more people are becoming energy-conscious in today’s economy, it is a good time to look at the category and add it to the repertoire of products.”
William Hambley, senior vice president of sales and marketing, agrees that dealers have a lot to gain by adding CentraLite systems.

“Dealers who use lighting control in their business increase revenue per job with very little overhead,” Dow said. “They are already on the job site, the margins are very attractive — often upwards of 50 points, and the learning curve is low because the concepts of lighting systems and security systems are the same. With our latest retrofit systems, there’s not a lot of preplanning and you can come in at any point. It is a low-risk, affordable way to get that automation into the job.”

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