Alarm Lock’s new Trilogy Narrow Stile pushbutton locks are designed to add keyless access and audit trail capability anywhere there’s a glass door. Narrow Stile DL1200, DL1300 and PDL1300 locks are vandal-resistant, made from strong alloy metals and are designed to protect storefronts and managed properties. These 12-button stylish keypads are compact in size and are offered in seven aesthetically pleasing finishes (US4, US10, US26D, US26, US3, US5, US10B) to pair nicely to a wide variety of doors and frames. Narrow Stile locks are weatherproof from (-31 deg. to +151 deg. F) and operate on two long-lasting lithium 3V batteries. These pushbutton locks are fingertip programmable and can be scheduled to automatically lock and unlock during designated hours. Alarm Lock Systems Inc.

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