Glenview, Ill.-based Anixter recently rolled out a new program that’s conceived to make the job of the systems integrator easier. Developed by Anixter’s Infrastructure Solutions Lab, Anixter ipAssured provides recommendations to match cabling infrastructure to the anticipated life of the applications that customers require to secure and support their business.
Key to the program is its ability to recommend solutions that meet current requirements while accommodating user growth in the future. According to Anixter, this has become a critical aspect and will only continue to be as the convergence of security systems, IT and enterprise resource systems continues.
The program provides recommendations based on the application and the anticipated lifecycle of the system, breaking infrastructure selections down into three classes. Characteristics of the application, including Power Over Ethernet requirements, ability of the cabling to withstand heat and the distance the cabling must travel, among others, are all considered in the recommendation. IP Class 1+ is suitable for use with analog cameras, standalone DVRs and existing access control panels. IP Class 5+ relates to standard-definition IP video and IP-based security infrastructures, and is suited for applications with an expected life cycle of one to five years.
IP Class 10+ is for applications expected to be in place for more than 10 years and is equipped to handle technologies that are expected to be in place at that time. Cabling systems in this classification can handle LAN transmission speeds of more than 1 GB/second, Anixter said.