DICE Corp., the central station and accounting software developer, held its annual Users Group conference in Bay City, Mich. August 9 to12. During the event, DICE customers attended classes and presentations designed to disseminate DICE news and go into detail on new enhancements and developments so that customers can maximize their software’s potential and provide a glimpse into the future.

The event opened with a series of classes on topics including Mobile Service and Signature Capture, Quantum Universal Video, and central station and accounting enhancements. DICE staff provided an open forum to explain enhancements and features in detail as well as foster discussions about new applications and directions for the company to explore. An even exchange of useful information for customers and ideas for DICE is what this conference was all about.

The second day focused around what’s to come for DICE. Clifford Dice, president and chief executive officer, announced the second generation of the company’s infrastructure software is nearing completion. Dice began by showing how market trends on a grand scale are pointing towards Web-based software as the way of the future, With that in mind, DICE has taken its e*Link software, which was originally designed in 1998 around a Windows platform (IE), and moved it into a browser-based environment.

Dice also announced the launch of DICEWise Wiki, an online archive where customers can access, edit and publish documentation, conceptually similar to sites such as Wikipedia, where users can contribute information. In addition, Dice presented AltiGen, a telecommunications partner, which provides more control and capabilities while simplifying systems.

A user feedback session was held as part of the conference, where users took time to talk over their concerns and suggestions and submit them to DICE staff, including the day’s announcements.

“From the technology standpoint, whenever you hear people say, ‘Oh my God, the world is changing,’ you know you’ve really hit the target,” said Dice, echoing a comment made at the beginning of his presentation, preparing conference attendees for some novel ideas.

On day three, a mini-tradeshow took place including booths from sponsors Sur-Gard/DSC, Axis, Xanboo and Intertek. Additionally, users held brainstorming and voting meetings and best-practice sessions, where DICE users split up to discuss best practices for installing companies and central stations independently.

Additional classes on Mobile Sales Management and Quantum Service with Fire Inspection took place on the last day, when everyone was then treated to a BBQ lunch and tours at DICE Corp. to close the event.

“I personally enjoyed some of the earlier sessions where Cliff was describing some of the new technologies and products that are in development,” said Jeffrey Cohen of Ackerman Security Systems. He added that this conference was one of the best in recent memory due to exciting new developments, such as Quantum Matrix, that are coming out in near term.