Honeywell announced that its Pro-Watch® security management software is now leveraging the Niagara AX Framework® from Tridium, an open software platform that enables the integration and interoperability of building automation systems for real-time monitoring and control of security, secondary fire and other applications.

The Pro-Watch platform integrates various security components, including visitor management, access control, IP and video surveillance, intrusion, and communications such as intercom and mass notification technology. With the Niagara Framework, Pro-Watch can now easily integrate with other building automation systems, including secondary fire, lighting and heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, using the Honeywell Software Development Kit (HSDK).

“Our collaboration with Tridium answers a market demand for further integration that results in cost savings that can be realized from economies of scale, time saved in application development and the ability to monitor everything from a single station,” says Carlos Lopez-Reyna, product marketing manager, Honeywell Security Group. “Building owners want best-of-breed technology based on open standards without having to invest significant time, money and resources on system development and training due to operating on disparate platforms.”

The first two Honeywell modules that leverage the Niagara Framework are the Pro-Watch® Notifier® Secondary Fire Interface and the Alerton Building Automation Gateway. The Pro-Watch® Notifier® interface enables users to secondarily monitor Notifier fire events from a Pro-Watch command and control area, and the Alerton interface enables security personnel to monitor and interact with building equipment using Pro-Watch. Both modules enable tighter integration across security, building automation and secondary fire systems.

Honeywell will demonstrate the Pro-Watch and Niagara Framework integration at booth 1309 at ASIS International 2010. For information, visit