Dealers seeking new services can now come to United Central Control (UCC), based in San Antonio, Texas, for an expanded set of technologies to offer their customers. In early October, UCC launched its UCC iConnect platform, which will expand beyond the typical fire and burglar alarm monitored services. The new platform includes video monitoring and interactive technologies.

“We’re launching a brand with an array of new services, which gives our dealers and customers a broader number of options to choose from. This increases customers’ choices,” said UCC senior vice president Mark Matlock.

UCC is partnering with SureView Systems and Oz Vision to provide some of the new services.

The software for the platform comes from SureView, and their president, Scott Haugland, observed, “Our software platform integrates a wide variety of manufacturers’ DVRs into one platform using a universal set of commands to control the DVR. This broad integration allows the central station to manually integrate multiple manufacturers’ DVRs into the central station’s automation system.”

Matlock emphasized, “We’ll be able to monitor from an existing customer’s DVR. That’s a big deal.”

Because DVRs all have different command sets, they need to be integrated into the central station for consistency. “It can get crazy real quickly if you have even 10 separate DVR command structures, so you can imagine what it’s like if you’re trying to monitor over 100,” Matlock described.

“This proprietary automation system gives UCC a universal tool kit to handle diverse video signals coming into our station. This is a big step for UCC in terms of expanding the services our customers are seeking,” he said.

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