The Key to The Honeywell City
Honeywell’s interactive city model, Honeywell City, shows that researching security options can be fun and productive. Visitors can explore solutions by market and see them illustrated. Information is given in increasing detail at the request of the user, avoiding fact overloads and allowing visitors to research solutions at their own pace and find the information they need.
 Visit www.honeywellcity.com to start exploring. 

Around Stuttgart With Bosch 
For all the history and architecture buffs out there, Bosch is giving you the chance to tour an early 1900s German village from the comfort of your computer screen. The company is tracking Robert Bosch’s steps through Stuttgart, Germany — where Robert Bosch GmbH got its start — in an interactive virtual tour full of remarkable facts, images and a bit of Robert Bosch’s lingering philosophy and inspiration. Bosch has presented an engaging company history, but also a way to generate interest in and drive traffic to its website. Board the bus at www.bosch.com/content/language2/html/5715.htm

SDM on Facebook
SDM Magazine has a Facebook site where you can stay up-to-date on a real-time basis with breaking news, alerts that SDM special reports have been posted online, and other events. The SDM Facebook page allows you to interact with the editors and share information about your company and its successes. Visit www.facebook.com/SDMmagazine.

Shirley You
Can’t be Serious 
The folks at Convergint Technologies LLC, based in Schaumburg, Ill., understand the importance of a good laugh to boost creativity. One item in the company’s Values and Beliefs pledge reads, “We promote fun and laughter on a daily basis.” That is just what it is doing on its home page, where clicking a button labeled Fun & Laughter plays sound bytes from comedy cult classics like “Caddyshack,” “Airplane!” and “Office Space” amongst others. Visit www.convergint.com and turn up the volume on your computer.