Siqura IP PTZ camera

Optelecom-NKF Inc. released its Siqura IP PTZ camera line with a flexible SFP interface for directly connecting to a fiber optic network. This feature simplifies both the setup and maintenance of roadside camera installations where a fiber network is utilized to overcome long-distance limitations. Due to the ubiquitous nature and the advantages of fiber optic networks, as well as the current migration from analog to IP streaming, Optelecom-NKF is now offering its Siqura IP PTZ dome cameras with a fiber optic connector option. With a flexible SFP interface built into the PTZ body, a wide range of single mode, multimode, and CDWM modules can be used and an impressive range of mounting options are available, the company stated. This new camera line consists of five cameras, each optimized for its application, with indoor, outdoor, compact (MSD), and high-speed (HSD) dome camera options. Each camera is capable of quad-streaming, supporting dual H.264 streams in addition to MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and MJPEG. The camera line comes with an easy-to-use, access-controlled, Web-based user interface, allowing users to configure or view video streams from a PC or even via handheld devices.


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