RealAlarm, launched by Visonic Ltd., is a home security solution that provides a complete answer for effective visual alarm verification. Visonic’s RealAlarm enables central monitoring stations to accurately assess the situation inside the premises in the event of an alarm and immediately establish whether it is a real emergency or a false alarm. The RealAlarm solution includes Visonic’s NEXT CAM device — a PIR motion detector coupled with a camera in a single housing. When detection occurs, the camera is triggered automatically and captures clear images, day or night. These images are immediately sent to the central monitoring station, giving it better control over real intrusion events. RealAlarm is active at all times, but the PIR camera only captures and transmits images when an alarm is activated. Based on Visonic’s PowerG® RF technology and new PowerMaster® alarm system, RealAlarm delivers a much longer battery life, greater transmission range, robustness to interferences, and simpler installation process. 

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