Texana Security is taking steps to educate its customers on just who they’re trying to keep out. The company has posted a list of 13 (and an additional eight) things “your burglar won’t tell you” at www.texanasecurity.com/thirteen-things-you-dont-know, from “Burglars On The Job” by Scott Decker and Richard Wright. The list takes a humorous approach to giving end users some insight into the diverse and sometimes surprising forms a burglar can take, the indicators of wealth burglars pick up on, and how they know no one’s home, among others. The list highlights the importance of supplementing a dependable security system with a deeper awareness of seemingly harmless visitors and how a residence or business can attract a burglar’s attention. For dealers, sharing your expertise and years of observations can help build your credibility, improve your relationship with customers and even increase their peace of mind.