Arktan Systems developed an innovative line of surveillance IP cameras; one of its models has five lenses side-by-side, forming a single multi-eye camera providing 180-deg. horizontal and 48-deg. vertical field-of-view. The precise mechanical design of the body ensures that each lens captures a 36-deg. horizontal and a 48-deg. vertical image. This five-lens camera produces a single composite picture covering a wide area. The images captured from individual sensors are synchronized and stitched together using Arktan Systems’ proprietary multi-imager video processor (MIVP). Arktan Systems’ engineering group also developed state-of-the-art noise reduction algorithms, which enable it to capture crisp color images with extraordinarily low blur even in low-light conditions. A low lux perimeter analytics solution (SilentEyes-SD), which Arktan Systems developed and deployed with its technology partners, reduces false positives significantly even in low-light conditions. This solution can run analytics over a much larger area per-camera to detect time- and location-based perimeter intrusions, parking violations, wrong-direction traffic, loitering etc. No special skills are needed to install these IP cameras other than a network connection and a screwdriver. A Microsoft Silverlight application allows for easy and simple camera configuration.

Arktan Systems

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