DIGIOP Product

DIGIOP’s vision is to develop a solution for its customers that more efficiently and effectively combines video, data, and more with a straightforward pricing model. DIGIOP ELEMENTS™ is a video-enhanced intelligence platform that seamlessly integrates video and data intelligence to provide a customizable, unified dashboard for the information needed to effectively manage a customer’s business. The DIGIOP ELEMENTS platform combines data and video so clients can, in real-time, identify behavioral patterns that connect to transactional data. DIGIOP ELEMENTS is a no-recurring fee-based solution that includes local web-based management of the customer’s system or multi-site management in the cloud at no additional cost. DIGIOP Elements allows customers to add or remove video or data channels without the need to pay for more software fees.

The DIGIOP ELEMENTS software platform is available as both a software only package so customers can install it on a dedicated server or pre-installed on DIGIOP’s new line of purpose-built hybrid DVRs and NVRs.

For information, visit http://www.digiop.com/products/elements.