A new Top Jamb mounting option for the 3101B Delay Egress Magnetic Lock System, the 3101B-TJ101, from DynaLock Corp., allows the lock to be mounted on the pull-side of in-swing door openings. The 3101B carries two UL listings. One is listing category GWXT, Auxiliary Locks, allowing the use of the lock on fire-rated doors. This category is valid for either in-swing or out-swing doors. The other category is FWAX, Special Locking Arrangements, covering delay egress locks to be mounted on out-swing doors, complying with applicable Life Safety Codes, such as NFPA 101. This listing is only for out-swing doors designated as exit doors in a means of egress path. This approval does not cover, nor is it required, for in-swing doors as they are not considered egress doors.

Dynalock Corp.

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