The New York Burglar Fire Alarm Association (NYBFAA) Board of Directors recently held its quarterly board meeting at which the 6-E Legislative Review Committee reported to the NYBFAA Board that it had completed all tasks set forth to it by the board of directors.

The committee further reported that its efforts had sparked beneficial discussion nationwide and as a result, the Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC) began its own renewed focus on a national monitoring license. “We applaud the efforts of the AICC National Monitoring License Subcommittee,” said John Lombardi, a member of the NYBFAA 6-E Legislative Review Committee.

Based on the committee’s report, discussions held during the Feb. 19, 2011 board of directors meeting and feedback from the membership, the board of directors voted unanimously to not seek a sponsor for its suggested legislation that would license alarm monitoring businesses. The board also approved, with the 6-E Committee work complete, to dissolve the committee and decided to take no further action on the 6-E initiative and instead focus on other important legislative issues. NYBFAA president Joseph Hayes stated, “The NYBFAA board thanks the 6-E Committee for the hard work and research they completed on this issue.”