For home security firms and electronic system contractors looking for a holiday sales boost this year, there is troubling news. A national survey conducted for SteelHouse by Synovate eNation shows that 82 percent of shoppers, including families, women and high income earners, expect to change their buying behavior because of the economy. Home security dealers using coupons, marketing via the Web, and making deals may find more business, however.

With 62 percent of shoppers planning to spend less and 50 percent of shoppers determined to comparison shop before completing a purchase, it is more critical than ever for retailers to beat their competitors to the punch and make the right offers to their shoppers in real time. Nearly two-thirds of survey respondents (62 percent) said they’ll spend less overall, and more than four out of five (82 percent) said they will change the way they shop. Half said they'll comparison shop more, nearly one-third said they'll no longer buy without a discount or free shipping, and nearly 30 percent said they'll browse more online than in the malls to find the deals.

Women are twice as likely as men to use social media to find deals and share them with friends (16 percent versus 8 percent). Those in the highest income group ($75k+) will make fewer changes in the amount they’ll spend, but will seek deals (discounts, free shipping and coupons) more than those earning less.

Those in the highest income category ($75k+) are less likely than others to cut their overall spending (54 percent said they’ll spend less, vs. 66 percent and 67 percent of the lower income categories).

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Tight Holiday Budgets to Impact Home Systems Spending

Americans were asked: “Given the current state of the economy, how will your shopping and buying behaviors change this holiday season?”


I used to buy name brand/high-end items, but will     not do so this year.


I will use coupons for the first time.


I will consider buying used or refurbished items for the first time.


I will spend less money overall


I will comparison shop much more than I used to, in order to find the best prices.


I will no longer buy anything without a discount or free shipping.


My shopping behaviors will not change.

Source: SteelHouse/Synovate, 1,000 Americans surveyed, August 2011

Homeowners say they will spend less during the holidays and this includes many high income earners. Coupons, deals and marketing through the Web may make a difference.