Emergency white board

Magnatag’s PlanView multiple track cabinets hold up to 10 sliding magnetic steel whiteboards, maps and bulletin panels, turning an ordinary wall into a flexible, visible Emergency Information Center. PlanView is ideal for organizing multiple priorities. Available with a wide selection of lightweight, magnetic, dry-erase sliding panels, including customizable emergency command structure organization charts, assignment boards, status boards, maps and magnetic calendars that can be interchanged by lifting them in the tracks. It attaches to the wall but stands on the floor on adjustable feet and quickly assembles with a screwdriver and carpenter’s level. PlanView’s compact design comes in several widths with up to 10 tracks. A 13-ft. wide cabinet holds up to 73 linear ft. of boards.

Magnatag Visible Systems

For free information enter number 421 at www.sdmmag.com/webcard or visit www.magnatag.com/PLANVIEW