SansDigitalVSASans Digital, a provider of storage subsystems, released a full-line of video surveillance appliances designed to extend long-term retention and archiving needs. The Sans Digital Video Surveillance Appliance (SD VSA) manages a multi-tiered storage environment to deliver an affordable retention and archiving system. Built upon Sans Digital network attached storage (NAS) systems as well as incorporating offline storage subsystems such as LTO data tape libraries, these video surveillance appliances deliver advanced video surveillance storage management including live video capture and complete video lifecycle management. Focusing on the record, store and manage aspects of a forensics-based video surveillance system, Sans Digital VSA solution delivers fast search and playback capability through directly attached IP cameras or third-party video management systems, such as Milestone XProtect. By communicating directly with the Milestone Server, the SD VSA system extracts video in its original quality and resolution at high speed. Extracted video can either be saved in the same format as Milestone or saved in H.264 loss-less format that reduces storage requirements by 30 to 70 percent without losing video quality, according to the company. The Sans Digital VSA also recognizes and stores Milestone’s motion detection metadata.

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