RackLinkMiddle Atlantic is announcing the RackLink suite of products that features monitoring and preemptive support functions. RackLink products are capable of maintaining AV system reliability through automatic actions that include automatic reboot, turning on emergency fans, and shutting down equipment for safety in overload or over-temperature conditions. Designed from the integrator’s point of view, the RackLink system can be configured and managed for any level system ranging from simple to complex. It can be managed locally or remotely via its standard browser-based user interface and integrates with control systems via its open-architecture API. Accessibility ranges from local to RS-232, remote IP and Web browser. Free mobile apps that provide control of any installed RackLink system are available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. In addition to essential functions such as local, remote and automatic reboot of individual outlets and dry contacts, the RackLink system also provides proactive power management. These features include input voltage and temperature monitoring, as well as user-defined monitoring of thresholds and logging and issuing of e-mail alerts if monitored values breach thresholds. RackLink units are available in 15A and 20A rackmount and in-line models, with controlled or monitor-only capabilities.

For information, visit www.middleatlantic.com.