Honeywell, Louisville, Ky., this week introduced MAXPRO® Cloud, a hosted service that gives organizations access to their video surveillance anywhere there is an Internet connection, and without the need for IT expertise or challenging firewall configurations, the company said. MAXPRO Cloud offers a new method for security dealers to drive long-term business value by offering these video services to their customers and generating recurring monthly revenue (RMR) with minimal investment and system complexity, according to Honeywell.

MAXPRO Cloud is ideal for retail outlets, multi-location franchises, restaurants, small businesses and commercial offices, as well as warehouses and storage facilities, Honeywell stated. The technology is designed to simplify the process for organizations to transition from analog to digital video. For example:

  • MAXPRO Cloud allows users to connect legacy analog cameras to the cloud and add new, higher-quality IP cameras as needs change.
  • The system’s unique MAXPRO® Connect feature reduces the need for IT skills and the hassle of communicating through firewalls.
  • A single login allows organizations to more easily manage multiple locations at once to save time and resources.
  • The system is updated automatically when new features or security enhancements are available, which also reduces service costs for dealers.

The system can notify end users via email if an alarm or event occurs from true motion detection; from an input point such as glassbreak, motion sensor, or contacts; or during arming or disarming. The end user can then log into any Web-connected device and view the video alarm. MAXPRO Cloud can also proactively monitor the performance of a system to ensure uptime, allowing a dealer to react quickly if they receive notification that a camera has lost power or the local device has stopped recording video.

“Almost everything a  consumer uses today can be accessed via a laptop, smartphone or tablet, so it’s practically a necessity for dealers to be able to provide customers access to their video anytime, anywhere,” said Michael Coniff, product manager, Honeywell Security Group. “MAXPRO Cloud gives organizations peace of mind knowing they’ll always have access to their video when they need it most.”

MAXPRO Cloud will be on display at ISC West International 2012 in Las Vegas. For information, visit