visonicVisonic Ltd., a developer and manufacturer of home security and safety systems and components, announced the availability of two new wireless touchscreen iconic keypads – KP-160/MKP-160. The keypads support most of the daily user security system functions, such as arming/disarming, initiating emergency response, fire and panic alarms, controlling home appliances and reviewing system status.Both new keypads can also be used with proximity tags or employee RFID tags for easy and quick arming and disarming in homes, small businesses and office environments.

MKP-160 works with PowerMax systems (ver. 17 and above); KP-160 PG2 works with PowerMaster-10 G2 (ver. 15 and above) and all PowerMaster-30 G2 systems.

Two-way, wireless communication with the panel allows users to receive confirmation that the commands have been successfully executed. Audible exit beeps inform users how much time is left before the system is armed. For enhanced security, the keypads can be used in hidden panel architecture to prevent intruders from locating and then disabling the control panel. The keypads are available in three colors: silver, black and white, and can be wall-mounted or placed on a table with stand.